Commercial Property Metal Roof Replacements

Metal Roof Replacements

Sometimes a metal roof is just too far gone for us to be able to patch it or repair it any longer. A metal roof replacement is required.

Who can we help?

Roofrite provides metal roof replacements for a range of commercial clients including, but not limited to:-

  • body corporate managers
  • owners corporations
  • commercial property managers
  • domestic property managers
  • landlords

Why choose Roofrite?

Replacing a commercial metal roof is quite different to replacing a residential property roof. Apart from the obvious one – scale – there can be many other factors to take into consideration for the safe completion of the project.

Meeting statutory obligations

To meet all our OH&S and statutory obligations we might need to include the procurement or use of cranes, scissor lifts, scaffold or guardrail, council permits and traffic management.

What about all the equipment on my roof?

We are adept at co-ordinating with other trades the disconnection, removal and reinstatement of equipment such as airconditioning units, antennaes and flues.

What about my tenants?

The last thing anyone wants is unhappy tenants or owners. Roofrite has a systemised administrative process so that we let not just the property manager but tenants know when we are coming and how long we expect to be there and if there will be any short term inconvenience. We do our best to make our visit as painless as possible. Our team are renown for their punctuality and politeness adding another layer of comfort to getting the job done.

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