Cost Effective Roof Repairs

Cost Effective Roof Repairs | Melbourne | Roofrite
Cost Effective Roof Repairs | Melbourne | Roofrite

Making the cost effective call for Commercial Property Roof Maintenance

Sometimes, the cheapest solution is actually the best solution (but only sometimes!)

As roof plumbers, we are frequently asked to address roof leaks that are caused by corrosion and dents.

Liquid Rubber

One of the more cost effective solutions is to apply a liquid rubber membrane to the area of concern.

Take this property in Abbotsford. It has ongoing leaking issues but as the building is due for demolition at some point, the landlord has opted to address issues as they come up rather than replace the roof.

The box gutter that runs the length of the roof is holding water and beginning to show signs of rust. We recently arranged to drain the box gutter by attaching hoses and redirecting elsewhere the water from the ac units. This enabled the box gutter to dry. We then applied a liquid rubber membrane the length of the box gutter. The box gutter will now last until the planned demolition.