Roof Leaks on Commercial Buildings – Part 1

Roof Leaks on Commercial Buildings | Taped AC Pipes to Prevent Water Ingress | Melbourne | Roofrite Commercial

Roof leaks on commercial buildings

Roof leaks on commercial buildings can have many causes but time and again, as Roof Plumbers, we see roof leaks caused by poorly installed air conditioning units. Let me clarify that statement a little. The ac unit has been installed properly in that it does its job – heating and cooling. But the actual placement of the unit on the roof and through the roof is usually where the problems occur.

Air Conditioning Units

This short video (just under 2 minutes) shows two primary problems: too many ac pipes running through one roof penetration and the unit itself sat on treated pine support timbers.

Problem 1: Multiple Pipes through One Dektite

When more than one ac pipe at a time is fed through the roof, water can capillary down between the pipes, enter the roof cavity, and then drip onto the ceiling below. AC pipes should be cut through the roof one at time. That is, one pipe per Dektite!

Problem 2: Treated Pine used for AC Support Base

AC units generally need to have a support base for the brackets. All too often, we see treated pine used for this purpose. The problem with treated pine is that the chemicals leach out of the timber and react with the metal roof. As the video shows, the result is a fast track to rust.

The Solutions

Fortunately, both of these situations have a relatively easy and low cost fix. The pipes can be separated and run through individual dektites or taped to severely inhibit water ingress.

The treated pine can be removed and a metal cover (hopper flashing) can be made to run across the rusted area to prevent future rainwater entering the rusted area.

Call Roofrite today if you suspect this is the cause of your leaking commercial building.